Our Story

The Barn that currently houses the Borsari Gallery was originally built in the early 1800's by Sea Captain Uriah Howe. The first use of the barn was to serve as a commercial Abattoir for Cape Cod and the surrounding areas. Both the Sea Captain's home and abattoir were then owned by the Crowell family for nearly a century; until 1960 when it was purchased by Cape Cod local artist David Grose and used to showcase his art. In 2008 Bob and Kathy Borsari purchased the property and began an elaborate & historically sensitive 3 year transformation. Every effort was made to meticulously restore the post and beam structure back to its original New England rustic beauty. This restoration included exposing the original pumpkin pine flooring, making use of the century-old “ice box”, and showcasing the historic 1800s track & pulley system that was used on the property when it was a working abattoir. It was at this time that the original beauty of the barn was revealed. While the original intent in the restoration process was to create an environment to continue the tradition of displaying fine art; it became obvious at the end of the restoration that Bob and Kathy had created much more than an art gallery. Hence, “Exceptional Image & Memorable Events - the Borsari Gallery - was born. A warm and elegant setting, filled with ambience; a perfect and certainly unique venue for intimate events for up to 100 people.